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Spoilers Now we come onto the Fourth Doctor’s very last adventure. Logopolis was penned by script editor Christopher H. Bidmead. It is very complicated a lot of the time, since Chris was also a writer for the New Scientist magazine. The actual story begins with an actual police box that resembles the Tardis. A policemanContinue reading “Logopolis”


Spoilers Here we have yet another lost story. I must admit to never having heard of Peter Ling, Hazel Adair or even Paul Finch before I listened to Hexagora. It’s plot also changed quite a bit during redevelopment. Peter Ling originally wrote The Mind Robber for Season 6. We start off with an Australian newsContinue reading “Hexagora”

The Keeper of Traken

Spoilers The Keeper of Traken is for me the best story of Season 18. There are two reasons for this. The main reason is that it is very well written by Johnny Byrne, and the sets used look absolutely stunning. The other reason, which I will admit is a very minor one, is that thisContinue reading “The Keeper of Traken”

The Caves of Androzani

Spoilers Well, now we come onto the penultimate story of Season 21, which is also the final story for the Fifth Doctor. The Caves of Androzani is considered by many people to be one of the best, if not the best Doctor Who story ever made. Even people who aren’t keen on the Fifth DoctorContinue reading “The Caves of Androzani”

Bedford Who Charity Con – 2021 – my experience

Last year’s Bedford Who Charity Con was my first experience of a full-on convention. This convention is different to most in that all/most proceedings go to the Bedford foodbank. I was so excited to be going to this convention, especially since the main guests were the people that played my favourite Doctor Who characters, PeterContinue reading “Bedford Who Charity Con – 2021 – my experience”

The Elite

Spoilers This Fifth Doctor Big Finish audio was originally penned as a tv story, but it never saw the light of day in that medium. It was written by Barbara Clegg, who managed to get Enlightenment produced for Season 20, unlike The Elite. She also submitted Point of Entry featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri,Continue reading “The Elite”

The Waters of Amsterdam

Spoilers The Waters of Amsterdam is the first in a trilogy of three Doctor Who Big Finish audios from 2016 that are set between Arc of Infinity and Snakedance. This story provides more backstory for Tegan’s character. We start where Arc of Infinity ended. The Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan are in Amsterdam. Nyssa asks TeganContinue reading “The Waters of Amsterdam”

Bradley’s Basement’s Strange Love – Castrovalva

Hi all. I have taken part in a discussion on the Fifth Doctor’s debut story, Castrovalva, with Tim Bradley, Timelord007 and Wolfie. We did this to commemorate Peter Davison’s 71st birthday. Also, feel free to check out our discussions on the previous two stories, Logopolis and The Keeper of Traken. Take care, WF92.


Spoilers In the second story of the Black Guardian trilogy from Season 20, we are treated to four episodes of tenseness as we deal with a deadly disease. We also have the final appearance of my joint favourite Doctor Who companion, Nyssa of Traken. It all starts when Turlough, still under the influence of theContinue reading “Terminus”

Mawdryn Undead

Spoilers Mawdryn Undead is the third story of Season 20 and is the first in a trilogy that marks a turning point in that season. This story marks the debut of one companion, whilst the next story marks the departure of another. With Mawdryn Undead, we are introduced to Vislor Turlough, played by Mark Strickson.Continue reading “Mawdryn Undead”