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Stasis Leak

Spoilers This episode of Red Dwarf begins with a flashback, and it’s in black and white no less. Three million years ago, before the accident, Lister and Rimmer are in the office of Captain Hollister, played again by Mac McDonald. Apparently Lister gave Rimmer some hallucinogenic mushrooms that lead to him attacking two officers. ListerContinue reading “Stasis Leak”

Circular Time

SpoilersCircular Time isn’t a four-part story, but it is in fact an anthology of four one-part stories. The story titles come from the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. This isn’t the first Big Finish Doctor Who anthology I’ve experienced. The first was Time Apart which I will review at some point this year.Continue reading “Circular Time”

Balance of Power

Spoilers In the third episode of this series, Lister (Craig Charles) decides to outrank Rimmer (Chris Barrie) by doing and passing an exam. This is after Rimmer tells him he will confiscate his cigarettes in order to make him more obedient. Lister asks Holly (Norman Lovett) why he brought back Rimmer instead of Kristine KochanskiContinue reading “Balance of Power”

The End

Spoilers Red Dwarf is quite a unique tv series. It’s a sitcom set in space. The show first aired on BBC Two from 1988-1999 before being revived in 2009 by the digital comedy channel Dave. I can’t remember exactly when I first watched this series, but since then I have gone on to watch mostContinue reading “The End”