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Inspector Morse

Welcome to the page where I post reviews of the Inspector Morse tv series.

Series 1

The Dead of Jericho

The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn

Service of All the Dead

Series 2

The Wolvercote Tongue

Last Seen Wearing

The Settling of the Sun

Last Bus to Woodstock

Series 3

Ghost in the Machine

The Last Enemy

Deceived by Flight

The Secret of Bay 5B

Series 4

The Infernal Serpent

The Sins of the Father

Driven to Distraction

Masonic Mysteries

Series 5

Second Time Around

Fat Chance

Who Killed Harry Field?

Greeks Bearing Gifts

Promised Land

Series 6

Dead on Time

Happy Families

The Death of the Self

Absolute Conviction

Cherubim and Seraphim

Series 7

Deadly Slumber

The Day of the Devil

Twilight of the Gods

Series 8

The Way Through the Woods

The Daughters of Cain

Death is Now my Neighbour

The Wench is Dead

The Remorseful Day


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