Auf Wiedersehen Pet

Welcome to my page for Auf Wiedersehen Pet reviews.

Series 1

If I were a Carpenter

Who Won the War Anyway?

The Girls They Left Behind


Home Thoughts from Abroad

The Accused

Private Lives

The Fugitive

The Alien

Last Rites

The Lovers

Love and Other Four Letter Words

When the Boat Goes Out

Series 2

The Return of the Seven (two-parter)

A Law for the Rich

Another Country

A Home from Home


No Sex Please, We’re Brickies

Marjorie Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

Hasta La Vista


Law and Disorder

For Better or Worse

Quo Vadis Pet

Series 3

Bridging the Gap

Heavy Metal

Bridge Over Troubled Water

A Bridge Too Far

Another Country

An Inspector Calls

Series 4

Britannia Waives the Rules

Our Men in Havana

A Gift from Fidel


Dangerous Liaisons

The End of the Affair


Au Revoir

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