Spoilers The second episode of Series 3 sees Rimmer and Lister spending a lot of time together. The reason for this becomes clear later in the episode. We start the episode with Holly informing Rimmer that Red Dwarf is on a collision course with five black holes. Rimmer decides it is best that everyone evacuatesContinue reading “Marooned”


Spoilers Now we finally come onto one of my favourite series of Red Dwarf, which begins with one of my favourite episodes. As mentioned in my Parallel Universe review, this series had many changes from series 2, mostly in terms of characters. The episode starts with a Star Wars-like text scroll, which explains the eventsContinue reading “Backwards”

Parallel Universe

Spoilers Parallel Universe marks the end of an era for Red Dwarf. For one thing, this episode marks the last appearance of Norman Lovett as Holly, more on that later. The first change we see in the episode is the removal of the melancholy theme tune. Series 3 would see the debut of a shortContinue reading “Parallel Universe”


Spoilers The penultimate episode of Red Dwarf series 2 is a standout for me. It begins with Rimmer playing Checkers against a Skutter, whilst Cat and Lister are listening to music. The ship is then hit by a meteor which leads to the crew along Holly, whose navigational charts have been damaged, to carry outContinue reading “Queeg”

Stasis Leak

Spoilers This episode of Red Dwarf begins with a flashback, and it’s in black and white no less. Three million years ago, before the accident, Lister and Rimmer are in the office of Captain Hollister, played again by Mac McDonald. Apparently Lister gave Rimmer some hallucinogenic mushrooms that lead to him attacking two officers. ListerContinue reading “Stasis Leak”

Thanks for the Memory

Spoilers Thanks for the Memory sees the Red Dwarf crew losing their memory of the last four days. This episode has been compared to the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, Clues. We start with Lister, Cat, Rimmer and Holly celebrating Rimmer’s ‘death-day’. For some reason, Rimmer is in a cage, known as a hologramContinue reading “Thanks for the Memory”

Better Than Life

Spoilers The second episode of the second Red Dwarf series introduces a video game known as Better Than Life. It is a Totally Immersive Video Game that makes people’s desires come true. This is expanded in the first two Red Dwarf novels. This episode also expands on Chris Barrie as Rimmer’s character. We learn aboutContinue reading “Better Than Life”


Spoilers We now move onto Series 2 of Red Dwarf. The first episode introduces us to a character that would go onto be a part of the main cast, though not until next series. That character is of course, David Ross as Kryten. The episode begins on the Nova 5 where Kryten is stationed andContinue reading “Kryten”


Spoilers We now finally come to the final episode of the first series of Red Dwarf. This episode focuses on the two Rimmer holograms after another one appeared at the end of Confidence and Paranoia. This episode was originally not planned. It was only conceived after a BBC electrician’s strike disrupted production. Rob Grant andContinue reading “Me²”

Confidence and Paranoia

Spoilers In episode 5 of Series 1, Lister (Craig Charles) ends up contracting a mutated strand of pneumonia after searching for Kristine Kochanski’s quarters despite them not being contaminated. This causes him to have hallucinations that are solid, such as fish raining and the Mayor of Warsaw from 1546 appearing and then combusting. Rimmer (ChrisContinue reading “Confidence and Paranoia”

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