Planet of Fire

Spoilers Now we come to the Fifth Doctor’s penultimate adventure on tv. This is also the final regular appearance of Vislor Turlough and Kamelion, as well as being the first appearance of Californian Botany student Peri Brown, whose actress is actually from Guildford 😀 We start off with the Doctor reminiscing with Turlough about theContinue reading “Planet of Fire”

The Tomb of the Cybermen

Spoilers With Season 4 having ended with a Dalek story, Season 5 began with a Cybermen story. This of course wasn’t the first occasion that we’d had a Dalek story and a Cybermen story back to back. And it wasn’t the last. This story also marked Victoria Waterfield’s first adventure as a companion. We beginContinue reading “The Tomb of the Cybermen”

Resurrection of the Daleks

Spoilers This story was penned by script editor Eric Saward who had previously written The Visitation and Earthshock for Season 19 and would go onto write Revelation of the Daleks for Season 22. We return to the cliff-hanger from Frontios where the Tardis is caught in a time corridor. This causes it to end upContinue reading “Resurrection of the Daleks”

The Leisure Hive

Spoilers The 80s era of Doctor Who kicked off with many changes to the series, like with Red Dwarf at the end of the decade. The most obvious thing that’s the same to start off with is the cast. Pretty much everything else had changed though. Graham Williams and Douglas Adams were gone and replacedContinue reading “The Leisure Hive”

Bedford Who Charity Con – 2021 – my experience

Last year’s Bedford Who Charity Con was my first experience of a full-on convention. This convention is different to most in that all/most proceedings go to the Bedford foodbank. I was so excited to be going to this convention, especially since the main guests were the people that played my favourite Doctor Who characters, PeterContinue reading “Bedford Who Charity Con – 2021 – my experience”


Spoilers Frontios is quite an unusual Doctor Who story to say the least. For one thing, there were two tragedies in the production side of things. Director Ron Jones initially assigned Barrie Robbins to design the sets. Unfortunately, his mental health was declining and so he was replaced with David Buckingham. Sadly, Dobbins committed suicideContinue reading “Frontios”

The Monster of Peladon

Spoilers The penultimate story of Season 11 sees the Doctor and Sarah Jane visit the planet Peladon. This is the second time the Doctor has visited Peladon on tv, but he has also visited the planet a few times between The Curse of Peladon and this story. At the time of writing this review, IContinue reading “The Monster of Peladon”

Fury from the Deep

The novelisation of Fury from the Deep was published by Target Books in 1986, 18 years after it was originally broadcast on tv. Victor Pemberton wrote the novelisation based on his television scripts. It follows the original tv narrative faithfully whilst adding detail. One notable addition to the story comes at the end of chapterContinue reading “Fury from the Deep”

The Elite

Spoilers This Fifth Doctor Big Finish audio was originally penned as a tv story, but it never saw the light of day in that medium. It was written by Barbara Clegg, who managed to get Enlightenment produced for Season 20, unlike The Elite. She also submitted Point of Entry featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri,Continue reading “The Elite”

The Awakening

Spoilers The second story of Season 21 has the Doctor, Tegan and Turlough travelling to the English village of Little Hodcombe to visit Tegan’s grandfather Andrew Verney. They get there, but everything seems wrong. The locals are re-enacting war games from 1643, but they are actually more than just re-enactments, meaning that the past isContinue reading “The Awakening”

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