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Service of All the Dead

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In the third episode of Morse, adapted from the fourth book in the series, Morse and Lewis inspect a series of murders in and around St. Oswald’s Church. It all kicks off when the churchwarden Harry Josephs is found murdered. Morse takes on the case and things go on from there.

Morse believes from looking at the evidence that Harry was first injected with morphine and then stabbed in the back. The vicar, Lionel Pawlen is the main suspect. Also under suspicion is Lionel’s homeless brother Simon who is thought to be trying to Lionel to give him money.

There’s Ruth Rawlinson who cleans the church and is a carer for her elderly mother. Morse becomes romantically interested in her, but he soon starts to suspect that she could be hiding something. Ruth is then revealed to have been having an affair with Harry

There’s Harry’s wife Brenda who in turn is having an affair with the organist Paul Morris, a widower who lives with his 12-year-old son Peter. This leads Morse to investigate the case starting with theories that later turn out to be wrong. What he faces during the case however will change that.

In the episode, we learn that Morse is scared of heights as revealed when he and Lewis take a walk up to the roof of the church. He is also revealed to not be religious, even though he was a member of a choir in the Dead of Jericho. I presume it wasn’t for a church.

Morse also gets to gave some romance in this episode with Ruth. Morse has never been married and it is perhaps thought that he might get something going with Ruth.

Service for All the Dead is a really good episode of Inspector Morse. All the mystery, suspense and drama is still present as it was in the previous episodes.

Take care, WF92.

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