Welcome to Williams Fan 92’s blog.

Hello everyone. Welcome to Williams Fan 92’s blog. My name is Williams Fan 92.

In this blog, I share my thoughts on tv series, audios, films, and games that I like. I have an incredibly diverse interest in all of these things which I hope to present to anyone that reads this blog.

My favourite tv series is Doctor Who. Of course there are so many things that I enjoy. For more information and to see what I have planned for this blog, please read this blog post that I have made.

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Anyways, I hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to comment on my reviews if you wish.



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Warriors of the Deep

Spoilers Season 21 of Doctor Who kicks off with a base under siege. We also have the return of both the Silurians and the Sea Devils, who are seen on-screen together for the first time. Warriors of the Deep is for more a lacklustre Doctor Who story. It was penned by Johnny Byrne who previouslyContinue reading “Warriors of the Deep”


Spoilers Now we come to what is technically the last story of Season 17. Except it was technically never made. After The Horns of Nimon, producer Graham Williams and script editor Douglas Adams were hoping to end the season on a high. Both were outgoing, to be replaced next season with production unit manager JohnContinue reading “Shada”


Spoilers The penultimate episode of Red Dwarf series 2 is a standout for me. It begins with Rimmer playing Checkers against a Skutter, whilst Cat and Lister are listening to music. The ship is then hit by a meteor which leads to the crew along Holly, whose navigational charts have been damaged, to carry outContinue reading “Queeg”

The Evil of the Daleks

Spoilers The Second Doctor era is appropriately my second favourite era of Doctor Who. The first story that I will be reviewing from that era is the final story of Season 4, which saw the beginning of one of my favourite Tardis teams. We start off where the previous story, The Faceless Ones left off.Continue reading “The Evil of the Daleks”


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