Welcome to Williams Fan 92’s blog.

Hello everyone. Welcome to Williams Fan 92’s blog. My name is Williams Fan 92.

In this blog, I share my thoughts on tv series, audios, films, and games that I like. I have an incredibly diverse interest in all of these things which I hope to present to anyone that reads this blog.

My favourite tv series is Doctor Who. Of course there are so many things that I enjoy. For more information and to see what I have planned for this blog, please read this blog post that I have made.

About me

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this blog. Feel free to comment on my reviews if you wish.



Latest Posts

The Keeper of Traken

Spoilers The Keeper of Traken is for me the best story of Season 18. There are two reasons for this. The main reason is that it is very well written by Johnny Byrne, and the sets used look absolutely stunning. The other reason, which I will admit is a very minor one, is that thisContinue reading “The Keeper of Traken”

The Fugitive

Spoilers Neville awakes one morning and is expecting everyone else to be up as well, since they all agreed to go fishing the previous night. To Neville’s annoyance, that isn’t the case. To add to the frustration, the milk has expired and someone forgot to buy a fresh carton. After some convincing, the rest ofContinue reading “The Fugitive”

Vengeance on Varos

Spoilers This story is considered to be one of the most controversial ones in Doctor Who history, mostly because of the violence. This wasn’t so much a problem for me, but I still found the story problematic in a way, which I come onto later in this review. The script was written by Philip MartinContinue reading “Vengeance on Varos”

Warriors’ Gate

Spoilers Now we come to the last story in the E-Space trilogy. That being said though, Big Finish have since made stories set in E-Space for the Fourth Doctor, Romana, K9 and Adric. Furthermore, this isn’t the last time the Doctor will end up in E-Space. Warrior’s Gate is a story that has a bitContinue reading “Warriors’ Gate”


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